About Hand Fans

Hand fans are exploding in popularity, and are perfect Summer Accessories, Wedding Gifts, Corporate Novelties, Statement Pieces, Fashion Pieces, and Conversation Starters.

Our fans are 26in wide when open and 13in when collapsed. Each fan is hand made at our Los Angeles facility. Browse unique Hand Fans from festivals around the world or customize your own right from our store. All fans come with your choice of plastic, bamboo, rainbow or metal ribs**

* The metal fan ribs are made of stainless steal and are HEAVY, so be prepared!
* Metal and plastic fans scratch easily and can be damaged during transit.

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How to open a fan?

While facing the Fan Rib with the Wear It Logo, slowly extend the first rib to the right with the graphic revealing on the front. Avoid opening the fan too fast or using force, as opening the fan incorrectly could damage the fan and void the warranty.

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What is Bling?

Our bling option is an assortment of rhinestones attached to the first and last rib of the fan. They come in a few color options and are assorted in a grid fashion.

Fan Replacements

If your fan breaks, we will replace your fan within the first 30 days, free of charge. You must first send two photos: one clear image showing the entire fan, and a second image (close-up), of the broken area(s). We may send you a return label and request you return your broken fan. Once we receive your broken fan, and we will mail you another replacement.

For a fan replacement, please send details to support@ywearit.com with in the first 30 days of your purchase. Please include:

· Order number for the fan being replaced
· Name (must match name on order number)
· Photos of the damage (2X)

· Fans broken from opening incorrectly, water/fire damage, cutting, or splintering are NOT covered under the fan replacement program.
· Plastic and Metal fans are NOT covered under the fan replacement program.
· A replacement fan can only replace the same design which was broken.
· Only the original person who ordered the fan(s) may have it replaced.
· A maximum of 5 free fan replacements per customer per 1 years time may occur from their first fan replacement.
· Replacements will only be sent to the original shipping address.
· 1 replacement is allowed per product.
· For replacements being sent outside of the United States, the customer is responsible for shipping costs.
· Fans purchased on sale, or at a discounted rate, can not be replaced for free, but can be repurchased at the sale or discounted rate purchased.