KN95 Facemask

KN95 Facemask

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If you know of a hospital, clinic, or health care workers who are in need, please have them contact us at We will require proof of use (hospital, clinic within medical system) before a large order can be completed. We understand that there is a shortage of masks. Currently, we're making these available to those who do not have them in their area, and might have to leave their home for work, groceries, or get medicine. We are working closely with Weho Wish. One of the many foundations that have donated nearly 5,000 mask to elderly homes and hospitals, in the greater Los Angeles area and counting. Along with Southern California we are also distributing masks in the San Francisco area. If you do not need them DO NOT buy them. Pass your Free mask to someone in need. We all need to do our part. 

Know the Difference

How it protects

Meets the 3M standard of KN95

Filters 0.3 non oil-based particles

Filters polluted air particles (PM2.5)

Meets GB2626-2006 KN95 standards

3D cut to fit the face, comfortable, single use


Stay Informed

Find out more about the comparison of FFP2, KN95, and N95.

What the CDC say about Masks