Wear It RCE Policy


Every print is unique and special, and rarely come out to our founders' absolute complete perfectionist, OCD glory, much to our chagrin. Since it's not possible for us to be perfect in every way, we allow a 5% margin of difference on all prints for all products, and take home the title of being almost perfect in every way :)


 There are only a few thing that we can't take back...


We gladly will exchange any items under the following conditions:

For exchanges or returns, please email info@ywearit.com, and include:


If your fan breaks, we will replace your fan within the first 30 days, free of charge. You must first send two photos: one clear image showing the entire fan, and a second image (close-up), of the broken area(s). We may send you a return label and request you return your broken fan. Once we receive your broken fan, and we will mail you another replacement.


For a fan replacement, please send details to replacements@ywearit.com with in the first 30 days of your purchase.   Please include: